Department of Chemistry


We participated in The 72st Conference of Japan Society of Coodination Chemistry. Sora Shirai(D1) was awarded Students Oral Presentation Award.(2022/10/12)
Designated Associate Prof./Lecturer Hirotoshi Sakamoto has promoted to Kyoto University.
New B4 members have joined Tada Lab.
Sora Sirai(M2) awarded the Dean's Award of the Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University and the Best Dissertation Award.
New publication;

H. Matsui, S. Takao, K. Higashi, T. Kaneko, G. Samjeske, T. Uruga, M. Tada, and Y. Iwasawa,
"Operando Imaging of Ce Radical Scavengers in a Practical Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell by 3D Fluorescence CT-XAFS and Depth-Profiling Nano-XAFS-SEM/EDS Techniques"
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. , 2022, 14, 6762-6776. DOI:

New publication;

H. Matsui, N. Ishiguro, Y. Tan, N. Maejima, Y. Muramoto, T. Uruga, K. Higashi, D.-N. Nguyen, H.-C. Dam, G. Samjeske, M. Tada,
"Variation of Local Structure and Reactivity of Pt/C Catalyst for Accelerated Degradation Test of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Visualized by Operando 3D CT-XAFS Imaging"
Chem. Nano. Mat. , 2022, online published. DOI:

We participated The 102th CSJ Annual Meeting. Satoru Ikemoto(D3) was awarded Styudents Oral Presentation Award.(2022/04/27)
Bachelor thesis presentation was held.
Master thesis presentation was held.
A symposium titled with "Symposium of Next Generation Synchrotron Facility" will be held on February 4 (Fri.) from 12:30 in the Lecture Room on the 2nd floor of the Noyori Material Science Research Buld. and online. Please check the link for details.


We participated in the 35th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research and the Joint Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation Science.Yuta Muramoto(M2) was awarded JSR2022 Styudents Oral Presentation Award.


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Graduate students who would like to join our lab as Ph.D. candidates at Nagoya University: please contact to Prof. Mizuki Tada.
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We look for postdocs at our lab. Please contact to Prof. Mizuki Tada.